Joseph Cooper Walker

Rollo, "To Jos. Cooper Walker, embarking for Holyhead" Dublin Evening Post (4 October 1791).

May the twin suns of music, and empress of love,
The genii of Eirin, preside o'er your way,
May your vessel be built from Calliope's grove,
And her sisters, turn'd sea-nymphs, the pageant convey.

My the sovereign of storms in his gloomy bastile,
Confine every gale, but the soft-breathing west,
Till gentle Parthenope lave the long keel,
And the green shores of Italy hail their new guest.

May the minstrels of Ireland, from Lethe's lone strand,
By you re-conducted to Virgil resign,
In a full sounding Paean that elegant hand,
Whose well-woven chaplet their temple's entwine.

For not like a thoughtless young spendthrift he goes,
For trifles to barter his morals or health,
But find where the sisters of science repose
And bless us with more than Peruvian wealth.

The humblest of bards, but the warmest of friends
For many a sociable, classical day,
This slender memorial of amity sends,
Where friendship, not genius, awakens the lay.