Dr. Robert Anderson

Thomas Stott, "To Dr. Anderson, the celebrated Editor and Biographer, on his Arrival at Dromore, August 8, 1802" Dublin Evening Post (4 September 1802).

Distinguish'd stranger! welcome to Dromore,
Welcome to PERCY'S hospitable dome,
Where ev'ry Friend of Literary Lore—
Where Genius always finds himself at home.

As with the Father of these blooming shades
In converse sweet you past the classic hour,
Methinks I see the nine harmonious Maids,
Conduct your wand'ring steps from bow'r to bow'r:

Whilst Phoebus, leaning from his car on high,
And reigning in his fiery Coursers' speed,
Bends on his Fav'rites a benignant eye,
As they along each winding walk proceed.

Ev'n Nature's self, in compliment to you,
Her richest robe of flowing verdure wears,
The skies clear up, the birds their songs renew,
And tardy summer all at once appears.

Friend of the Muses! welcome to Dromore—
May Happiness attend you whilst you stay;
And when you seek again your native shore,
May Safety shield you o'er the wat'ry way!
T. S.