Hannah More

Richard Polwhele, "Lines, said to have been addressed to Miss Hannah More, by Mr. Polwhele" Saint James's Chronicle (8 April 1794).

O! MORE, whose unaffected praise,
Cherish'd my Muse in early days,
Whilst yet I hail'd, an artless boy,
The fairy forms of Grief and Joy.
O! MORE, this humble tribute take,
Nor slight the boon for Friendship's sake,
But deem the votive numbers true,
As my tongue lisp'd when life was new:
'Twas then, with fond ambitious aim,
I mark'd thy bright career of Fame;
And caught, with an enthusiast's ear,
Strains thy own GARRICK lov'd to hear!

But, in maturer age, I see
More pleas'd, thy sensibility;
The active zeal, which dares oppose
In Virtue's cause, a host of foes;
Which scorns the meanness to retreat
From the proud circles of the great;
And, where Religion has unfurl'd
Her standard, braves a frowning world!

Go on! Tho' aided but by few,
The path of glory still pursue:
So shall thy Heaven-applauded worth
Outlive the little fame of earth;
And, mingling with "the Sapphire Blaze,"
Shine with imperishable rays!