William Cowper

A Gentleman at Bath, "On receiving an Engraving of Mr. Cowper after a Sketch painted by Lawrence" The True Briton (8 March 1800).

Sweet Bard! — whose mind thus pictur'd in thy face,
O'er ev'ry feature spreads a nobler grace;
Whose keen, but softened eye, appears to dart
A look of Pity through the human heart—
To search the secrets of Man's inward frame,
To weep with sorrow o'er his guilt and shame—
Sweet Bard! — with whom, is sympathy of choice
I've oftimes left the World at Nature's voice,
To join the song that all her creatures raise,
To carrol forth their great Creator's Praise;
Or wrapt in visions of immortal day,
Have gaz'd on Truth, in Zion's heavenly way;
Sweet Bard! — may this thine Image, all I know,
Or ever may of COWPER here below;
Teach one who views it with a Christian's love
To seek, and find thee in the Realms above!