Elizabeth Sheridan

Anonymous, "On the Death of Mrs. Sheridan, at the Hotwells" Bath Register (14 July 1792).

Ah! pay the tribute of a tender tear,
As o'er these salutary springs you bend,
To her who late to ev'ry heart so dear;
No stream could save, no med'cine could befriend!

Might virtue stay the clay-cold hand of Death,
Might beauty, elegance, the foe disarm,
Eliza had not yet resign'd her breath,
Still had she liv'd and still retain'd each charm.

For me who ne'er like Sheridan hath lov'd,
Yet oft in others' sorrows take a part,
Well can I guess (altho' I n e'er have prov'd)
What 'tis to lose the partner of one's heart!

Yet while reclining o'er Eliza's urn,
Should Albion's welfare claim a Patriot's care,
Swift let him to his guardian charge return,
And in the arduous tasks of duty share.

Let him reflect superior minds were given,
Superior griefs to combat with success,
To fill the station mark'd for them by heav'n,
Not to be more than men, nor yet less!
Hotwells, July 9, 1792.