Rev. John Brown

Mentor, "Fragment, written in the Life-time of the late Rev. Dr. Brown, on the Author's seeing him publically lampooned" 1765 ca; Newcastle Chronicle (24 July 1773).

Cease, cease lampooner, cease such railing,
All spurious wit, and unavailing.
Art thou a boy, or man, or woman,
Blush, blush, to make such language common:
For ever must this country be
O'er-run with merit's foes, like thee?
Alas, shall Genius never soar,
To bless us on this wealthy shore?
Is BROWN, who can such learning boast,
Sent here to be revil'd and lost?
Distinguish'd in Apollo's train,
Shall rudeness dare to give him pain?
His sacred function ought to draw
At least our reverential awe.
I praise him not in every title,
His ESTIMATE seems wrong a little;
His Plays! — but see the Graces met,
The Bard and Scholar to complete!
Approv'd his early numbers rose,
All own his pure, his nervous prose;
All own the height his sense can reach,
All own how justly he can preach:
Ev'n some who prize not truth or song,
Have felt the magic of his tongue.
O yield his talents copious sway,
Nor let such pearls be thrown away.