Rev. James Hervey

C. S., "Inscription under a Bust of the celebrated Mr. Hervey, in a Gentleman's Arbour near Edinburgh" Newcastle Journal (20 April 1765).

Peace to the shade where HERVEY'S form reclines!
Where up the spreading beech the ivy twines,
Ye swains, oft tutor'd by the sacred theme,
Sing oft his praises by the tinkling stream.
And, Oh! bless'd shade, from sainted realms on high,
Deign one kind look to this our nether sky.
Sweet is the fragrance of yon rural shade,
Sweet is the murmur of yon slow cascade;
Yet sweeter far thy Heaven-created song
Than Nature's pleasures—
'Twas thine, thrice sacred form of all mankind,
To trace the lab'rinths of the human mind;
'Twas thine to know teach dark meand'ring maze,
Where luring Vice, and wayward Falsehood strays.
Still may thy page each lonely moment cheer,
Still may thy song each virtuous joy endear;
Still may thy works be read by every eye,
Till Nature sicken, and Creation die.