John Chalkhill

Henry John Todd, in Works of Spenser (1805) 1:clxix.

To the friends of Spenser, already mentioned in this account of his Life, we must add the name of John Chalkhill, Esq. the author of Thealma and Clearchus, a Pastoral History, in smooth and easy verse, published long after his death by Izaac Walton, who calls him "an acquaintant and friend of Edmund Spenser." In this poem, says Walton, the reader will find many hopes and fears finely painted and feelingly expressed. It is an unfinished work; but in what is presented to us, the attention of Mr. Chalkhill to the qualifications of his friend is obvious in many passages of a most attractive description, as well in regard to language as to taste. Of this author Walton gives a very engaging character; that he was well known in his time, and well beloved; for he was humble and obliging in his behaviour, a, gentleman, scholar, very innocent and prudent; and whose whole life indeed was useful, quiet, and virtuous.