Rev. James Scott

Mr. Kingsley, "Elegy on the much lamented Death of Anti-Sejanus" London Evening Post (15 March 1766).

Come, mournful Muse! an onion bring,
That I may weep, whilst I do sing
Of him, who was of men the first
In ev'ry art that is accurst.
His head was void of common sense,
His heart replete with impudence;
He was a Priest, and such a one
As you can't find — now he is gone;
Truth from his soul he did despise,
But master was — of making lies;
No virtue ever reach'd his heart,
But well he play'd — the villain's part:
He was a Politician too,
And such as made — each Party sp—w;
He did pretend to poetry,
And strain'd his nerves — to vie with me;
He scorn'd his Bible, lov'd his wh—e,
G—d never made his like before.
The onion squeeze! let these tears shew
How much we to his mem'ry owe!
How greatly we his death lament,
Who now is to the Devil sent!
In Hell he must tormented be,
The De'il won't let him go Scot free.