Edmund Burke

Anonymous, "Upon the Election of Mr. Burke for Malton" British Mercury (15 December 1780).

Sons of Freedom, haste away,
Hail this glorious happy day;
Here is no dissenting voice,
Burke, immortal Burke's our choice!
Let the festive roofs rebound,
With that ever-pleasing sound.
Fill your bumpers, Burke's the toast,
Britain's pride, and Malton's boast;
To his drooping country true,
He withstands a venal crew;
Men ambitious, base, and weak,
Who their country's ruin seek.

Soon shall Burke resume his seat,
His patriotic friends to meet,
With that cool and manly sense,
With that heav'nly eloquence,
Flowing as the silver stream,
Piercing as the noontide beam,
On whose bright superior rays
Sordid courtlings dare not gaze,
Fill your bumpers once again,
To the ever-honour'd name.

May our patriot enjoy
Lasting bliss without alloy.
Briskly push the bottle round,
Let the festive roof rebound;
Joy shall crown this happy day,
Burke for ever! Burke, huzza!