Rev. John Free

Richmondina, "Upon reading Dr. Free's Anniversary Sermon, just published, against Political Murder" Middlesex Journal (17 June 1769).

So Tully thunder'd at a Cataline—
Accept my praises, excellent Divine!
Dash the proud fav'rite in his gilded car:
Bare the mean heart that lurks beneath a star—
Ope' the dark mansions of a court, nor spare
The murd'rous savages that harbour there.

A volunteer in exile if you rove,
Still may you meet the liberty you love:
And, when abroad, some happy region find
Indulgent to the labours of your mind:
But if your country's cause demand you home,
Come with your arts, with strong persuasion come;
Assist to animate fair freedom's cause,
To guard the innocent, — support the laws—
Teach human pow'r to stoop to that of God,
And wrest from tyranny it's iron rod.

When Boulogne's ancient walls you late pass'd by,
With the big tear of friendship in your eye,
Friendship to Churchill's memory express'd,
And poor Britannia for his loss distress'd:
You little thought that fate had you decreed,
Worn with fatigues, our champion in his stead:
Yet so 'tis ordered tho' at eve of day;
Fain you'd retire, to pass at ease away,
Toils still await you — but those toils defy;
For Heaven's whole artillery is nigh,
To guard the cause our fathers thought so good,
The cause of freedom hallow'd by their blood.
What tho' some leaders fall, and those we prize,
Another and another still may rise;
As in your hand transmitted we admire
Wilkes's keen pen, and Churchill's sounding lyre:
So other virtues may in others join,
In long succession through the patriot line,
And myriads, like the stars, for ever shine.