Rev. Samuel Bishop

Anonymous, "Verses written for a blank Leaf in a Volume of the late Mr. Bishop's Poems" The Meteor No. 10 (1800) 2:178-79.

Who love thro' fancy's realms to stray,
May hither safely bend their way;
No thorns or noxious weeds abound,
But loveliest flow'rets bloom around:
Chaste pleasure joins the kindred train,
Where Taste, Wit, Judgment, ever reign.

Wit in meridian blaze disports,
Nor Folly's smile, nor Fashion's courts;
But seeks th' exalted meed alone
Approving Virtue calls her own.

Each flower that Fancy's wreath combines
Taste culls, and Judgment's hand entwines;
Whilst constant at the Muse's shrine
Bright genius waves his torch divine.

Here Learning's seat, in Wisdom's shade,
With ostentation ne'er display'd;
Like the foundation stone conceal'd,
Where some fair Temple stands reveal'd.

Who tracks this fairy spot, will find
Each vestige of the purest mind;
Perhaps, like me, in thought discern
The sorrowing Muse clasp BISHOP'S urn,
And mourn that in our mortal course
Stern Fate's inexorable force
Too oft, alas! the lyre will wrest
From him, whose hand attunes it best.