Hannah More

M. R., "Upon reading Sir Eldred of the Bower, after Lord Chesterfield's Letters" Public Advertiser (3 April 1776).

Far from the Reach of mortal Grief,
Well, Stanhope, art thou fled;
Nor could'st thou, Lord, now gain Belief,
Tho' rising from the Dead!

Thy wit a Female Champion braves,
And blasts thy critic Pow'r:
She comes! — and in her Hand she waves,
Sir Eldred of the Bow'r!

The Victor's Palm aloft she bears!
And sullen Foes submit;
The Laurel Wreath from Man she tears,
And routs each lordly Wit!

A female Work if this should prove,
Cries out the beaten Foe;
'Tis Pallas from the Head of Jove,
Compleat from Top to Toe!

With Feeling, Elegance, and Force,
Unite their various Pow'r,
And prove, that from a heav'nly Source
Springs Eldred of the Bow'r!

True — cries the God of Verse — 'tis mine!
And now the Farce is o'er;
To vex proud Man I wrote each Line,
And gave them HANNAH MORE.