Hannah More

Anonymous, "To the Author of the Ode to Dragon, the House Dog at Hampton" Morning Chronicle and London Advertiser (19 May 1777).

Tho' Roscius will not read your trash,
Or tho' he may deserve a lash,
Yet spare a Lady, Mr. Flash.

But haply it your spleen may raise,
To see a woman merit praise,
And wear the green poetic bays.

From such home thrusts, the Lord defend her!
Or did you think her a Pretender?
Some D'Eon, of the neuter gender?

Or was it really ignorance
Which made you thus in rhyme advance,
And tread your mock-satirist dance?

Permit the fair unblam'd to write!
That every little over-sight
Should bear it's comment, is not right.

The faithful Dog too you defame;
Would he back-bite his master's fame?
'Tis poaching this, not Dragon's game.

Yet (or Report's not worth a button)
Tho' Venison you may not cut on,
Yourself have tasted Hampton mutton.

Garrick a Sun! a Moon the Fair?
Say in what rank will you appear?
A meteor of a lower sphere.