George Colman

P. S. Edinensis, "To George Colman on his elegant Translation of Horace's Art of Poetry" Morning Chronicle and London Advertiser (6 June 1783).

In this TRANSLATION, we with wonder find,
The thoughts of Horace with his graces join'd;
Bentley, Francis, Towers, and many more,
Are now surpass'd, with all their ancient lore;
For where the Roman's scanty words have fail'd,
Thy brighter genius, COLMAN, has prevail'd.
Age after age great Horace will admire,
For attic wit, and bold poetic fire;—
His classic rules for verse with art he draws,
And holds up Nature by chaste Nature's laws.
Proceed, sweet Muse! applause shall crown thy pains,
And add new charms to his immortal strains;
Make Horace shine with splendour like his own,
And twine fresh wreaths around his hallow'd crown.
Then ev'ry Muse shall consecrate thy song,
Then ev'ry Muse shall thy great fame prolong,
As justly meriting the highest praise—
The Critic's Ivy, with the Poet's Bays.