Hannah Cowley

Anonymous, "An Imitation" Morning Post and Daily Advertiser (17 August 1779).

Says Cowley to Coley, "Prey what's to be done?
You see that my Tragedy's stopt in its run;
My sixth night's not come, and my fame suffers wrong,
If longer delay'd 'twill not sell for a song!
Excuses are vain, now since Montague's gone,
Whose wheazing and bluster my play had undone;
So infernally bad she presented each station,
I'm stagger'd to think how 'twas sav'd from damnation!
Nay, damn'd it had been, but for Sherry's salvation!
Eumenes may puff, and swell out his bad Veal!
To Candour and Justice, and all that appeal;
But Candour and Justice, ne'er censure amiss,
They deal out impartially, plaudit! or hiss!"
HIss me," cries Ma'am Monty! "Oh, well! very well!
If I had the curs here, I'd sink 'em to Hell!
Such acting as mine, you in town seldom see!"
Says Cowley, "I'll swear it, and, 'twixt you and me,
Your Jealousy's equal in tragic and comic!
At both the folks laugh — at your Oh's and Hysteric!"
Heigh Ho!