Mary Leadbeater

Melesina Chenevix Trench to Mary Leadbeater, 1808 ca.; Leadbeater Papers (1862) 2:152-53.

I congratulate you and your readers on the intended publication of your verses, and I feel for the embarrassment you suffer in giving us so much pleasure. I am a little affronted at your not employing me in the same way as your other friends, and beg you will now do so. Though I have at present few acquaintances in Ireland, yet it is possible I may be of some use. * * * Be assured I think that as a wife and mother it was your duty to publish in such a way as left no possibility of your family's suffering any pecuniary loss by the bad taste of the public. The naivete of your little girl's telling you "how very snug she has been since you went" shews a great degree of sincerity and confidence worth all the professions that could be invented by the most polite governess.

I know not how to express my thanks for the affectionate manner in which you enter into all my little plans. I hear continually from each of my poor people of your goodness to them, collectively and individually, as well as of your general humanity to all your poor neighbours. Indeed, my dear madam, you are "a blessing to the country," if you will allow me to borrow from the poor that common but expressive phrase.