William Hayley

John Wolcot, in "Deserted in my utmost need by fate" Morning Post and Daily Advertiser (2 September 1789).

Like some lone insulated rock am I,
Where midst th' Atlantic vast, old Aeol raves;
Shook by the thunders of each angry sky,
And roll'd on by the rushing world of waves!

So hard, indeed, the critic tempest blows,
I scarce can point against the gale my nose—
A storm more violent was never seen!
So dread the war! — indeed it must be dread,
When from his shop John Nichols pops his head,
And pours the thunders of his Magazine.

For heavier artill'ry ne'er was play'd:—
And yet, not all th' artill'ry is his own;
Hayley, a close ally, in ambuscade
Behind, assists the war of furious John.

John Nichols, with Will Hayley for his Squire,
Are serious things, howe'er the world may laugh—
And therefore dread I much to face the fire
Of this intrepid HUDIBRAS and RALPH.