Mary Robinson

Arno, "On Mrs. Robinson's visiting Bath. The Cause, Bad Health" The Oracle. Bell's World (8 June 1791).

MARIA from the busy Circle flies,
To breathe the purer bliss of brighter skies;
Forsakes the scene of her expanding fame,
To renovate the failure from her frame;
Mentally perfect, her enlighten'd MIND,
Superior to disease, springs unconfin'd,
Ranges the regions of the Muses reign,
Exempt from our inheritance of PAIN—
And, while keen pangs oppress her beauteous Face,
Wings the pure ETHER of Poetic space;
Floats in the fragrance of the rubied ROSE—
And shuts its bosom up in rich repose!
Clings to the NIGHTINGALE'S embowered nest,
And learns the LESSON of her sobbing breast!
Or when the golden GOD, exulting borne
In his red Chariot, wooes the timid MORN,
Thy soul pursues the LARK'S high soaring flight,
And laps thee in a luxury of Light;
Anticipates thy Mansions of the Sky—
And snatches, mortal, heav'nly ecstacy.

O may these Lines possess the placid power
To sooth thy suffering in some anxious hour;
Tell thee — that far from thee by Fortune thrown,
And only by an artless FICTION known;
With many a melting thought I chace thy feet,
And bless with friendly Song thy sage retreat;
Evoke from purple HEALTH that blissful balm
That keeps the spirits brisk, the bosom calm—
Shines in the fervour of the rushing lay,
And thrills with transport through untroubled DAY.