Rev. Charles Churchill

Anonymous, "The Second Sight" London Evening Post (6 December 1763).

St. Kilda, Oct. 15, 1763.
As the second sight is a particular gift of providence, known only to the happy people of this remote corner of the kingdom, (which is acknowledged by the learned as well as the ignorant,) I am to inform you, that one of our natives, hath, at sundry times, been lately troubled with a vision of an huge human figure hanging in a black gown: and as your useful and amusing paper hath found its way to the most remote of the Hebrides, we beg you'll give a place in it to this and the following lines, which will much oblige a very numerous clan of your readers, and none more than, Sir,
Your most humble servant,

O thou great bruiser! parson, bear, or bruin!
Haste to repentance and prevent thy ruin.
What tho' a fav'rite of the tuneful nine,
Bless'd with Apollo's fire, you splendid shine;
Do'st thou not prostitute thy gall-dipp'd pen
In the support of bold ambitious men?
And, as the pattern, Judas did of old,
Betray thy God for thirty pieces told?
Repent in time, and let not party rage
Send thee soon swinging off this earthly stage:
Then deep remorse shall make thee feel her sting,
We second-sighted, now can see thee swing.