James Thomson

Thomas Clio Rickman, "Lines, writte with a Pencil, in a Pocket Volume of Thomson's Seasons" Poetical Scraps (1803) 1:159-60.

Endearing bard! in thy mellifluous line,
The various charms of various nature shine.
Hail! gentle poet! thy descriptive song,
Whether the hill, or silent dale along
Thou sportive rov'st, still bids new beauties rise,
And scenes delightful greet our wondering eyes.
The different seasons here describ'd appear,
And in thy song revolves the circling year;
In admiration lost we read thy verse,
And bless that genius who could thus rehearse
Scenes so directly opposite as these,
Yet, every scene exact, and form'd to please.
Dearest companion to the youth who loves,
Who with his heart's whole treasure thro' the groves,
The upland lawns, and flow'ry meadow roves,
Led on by Contemplation, charming maid!
And fair Philosophy in truth array'd;
Such, such, enraptur'd to thy song attend,
And in their pockets bear their much lov'd friend.