Sir Charles Hanbury Williams

A. B., "For the Public Advertiser" Public Advertiser (27 August 1766).

Oh! might a Spark of that bright Flame,
Whose Influence rais'd that Bard to Fame,
My feeble Breast inspire,
Who sung of Courts the secret Springs,
Of Placemen, Ministers, and Kings,
With more than Pindar's Fire.

Then might I tell, how P[i]tt of late
Became a Minister of State,
Quitting his former Friends,
And how, of Kings the gracious Smile
May serve a Foe to reconcile,
And gain a Fav'rite's Ends.

That Principles however nice,
Are so, but till they get their Price,
Then might I make appear,
That Av'rice, or the Lust for Pow'r,
Can change, in less than Half an Hour,
A Patriot to a Peer.

No more will I this Theme pursue,
Such Tales to Hanbury's Muse were due,
To my weak Pen denied;
Then let his Verse my Thoughts explain,
And what he said of Bath, again
To Ch[a]tham be applied.