Rev. James Scott

I the Monkey, "To the Rev. Mr. Anti-Sejanus, alias the Rev. Mr. Slyboots, alias the Rev. Mr. *****, Chaplain to the pious Jemmy Twitcher" Public Advertiser (6 April 1770).

Sir, You have been pleased in your facetious Paper to make merry with me. I desire to continue the Fun, and insist upon your inserting my Answer forthwith: Refuse at your Peril.
From my Window in Pall Mall.

Leave off your dull Letters,
Nor write of your Betters,
Preach, gamble, and bawdy Song sing;
If I take up my Pen,
And have at you again,
I shall give you as good as you bring:

For I can be as smart,
As corrosively tart,
As the best of the libelling Crew:
What fine Means you afford
Your good Self and your L—d!
What I write shall be bitter and true.

Think what Homage you paid
In your vile scribbling Trade,
When my Lord you so prais'd to the Skies,
When you made him so great,
Such an Atlas of State,
While you hop'd on his Shoulders to rise.

Tho' I plainly must see,
From Lord Gawkee to me,
No Preferment will come in a Trice;
Yet I am not so base
As to aim at a Place
When my Honour and Truth is the Price.

Would I flatter To-day,
And To-morrow betray,
Poor Pug, like your Gang, might get richer;
Yet if other Tricks fail,
I will never turn Tail,
But to sh—te on such Vermin as Twitcher.