Edmund Burke

Anonymous, in "Monody in the House of Commons" Public Advertiser (2 November 1775).

When Burke his Thunder hurl'd around,
The trembling String refus'd to sound,
Th' admiring Nine caress'd him:
And whilst he Heaven and Earth defied,
Smil'd on the mighty Madman's Pride,
Convinc'd the God possess'd him.

Like as the kind attendant Shower,
Ordain'd to check the Lightning's Power,
Secures the World from burning;
So Dunning that disgusting Form,
And Voice is sent to stay the Storm
Of dang'rous Parts and Learning.

Wit, Malice, Cunning, Knowledge, Sense,
Together braze with Impudence
From fam'd Hibernian Quarry;
Sharp set this Weapon will be fit
To arm a Shelburne, stab a Pitt,
In short — Will be a Barre.

Peace to the Rest; for Faction now
To Shield her Sons, with poppied Brow
Bids Hartly stand before me;
Goddess the potent Charm I own,
Sleep lulls the House, the Muse is flown,
And Dullness creeps all o'er me.