Rev. Thomas Warton

M., "To Mr. Warton, on his Birth-Day Ode" St. James's Chronicle (2 July 1785).

O blest in Genius, blest in Fame,
Whom Nations hail with glad Acclaim,
And grace with deathless Bays;
The well-earn'd Laureate Wreath you wear,
Reflect a Lustre on your Sphere,
And charm with purest Lays.
Pale Envy sinks beneath your Blaze,
And pours involuntary Praise;
Detraction checks her poison'd Voice,
And Genius rears his Crest, and feels encreasing Joys.

At George's Call the Gothick Gloom,
Incumbent long, dissolves away;
Fair Science shines in attick Bloom;
The Muses breathe the hallow'd Lay.

The Arts exulting bless the Hands,
That set them free from Folly's Bands;
While Dulness yields its wide extended Reign,
And gives to Merit sovereign Power again.

The fostering Influence of a Throne,
Wakes to Life each lovely Flower;
The Graces sport with looser Zone,
And hail the bright propitious Hour:
Sweet Music floats upon the Gale,
The Paeans due ascend the Sky,
Genius quits life's humble Vale,
And opes to fairer Views its ardent Eye.

Then let thy Verse, melodious Bard!
Unblam'd, great George's Fame display;
He only can thy Worth award,
Nor needs the Praise that Honour scorns to pay.