Rev. Thomas Warton

Anonymous, "Anecdote of Mr. Thomas Warton" Town and Country Magazine 22 (June 1790) 280.

Whenever a drum was beat up for volunteers, Mr. Warton was always to be found near. So remarkable was he for this attention to the drum, that when counsellor V— was at Oxford, his curiosity was attracted by an uncommon advertisement for a meeting of the Jelly-bag Society. Nobody could inform him of the nature of the institution, or where the society was held, but report said Mr. Warton was a member. Mr. V— declared his determination to find out at least the place of meeting, and for which end he applied to a recruiting sergeant, equipped himself with properly for the purpose, and went round the town with the party, taking care to stop before the different public houses. At length they happened to beat up before a little ale-house, where the meeting was held. On the sound of the drum, Warton's curiosity was awakened; he jumped up with his Jelly-bag, went to the window, and being instantly recognised by the counsellor, by this advice the great secret was discovered.