Edmund Burke

Anonymous, "Doctors Priestly and Price" Public Advertiser (16 December 1790).

Says Priestly to Price — What a fury's this BURKE!
Why he bow-strings us all, like a death-doing Turk:—
A torrent o'erwhelming, a wide wasting flood,
He sweeps us all headlong as mere sticks of wood.
No flame breathing dragon e'er coiled at this rate,
As he for dame Church and her sister the state.
To Mitres and Crowns so resistless a friend,
That what we can say won't be worth a rope's end.
So firmly he builds up the peace of mankind,
That the structure who does not admire must be blind.

Perdition to structures, say I, brother Price,
Whose newly gained force 'twill be vain to resist.
You and I, like lame ducks, may now squat in our nest,
Sing — "Adieu to Old Jewry and the fall of the TEST."
You may write about air and I about lives,
Or with — "chink" shrill and loud plague our children and wives.