Dr. John Aikin

Dr. J. Crane, "On the Poems of J. Aikin, M.D." St. James's Chronicle (29 September 1791).

The Child of Genius, born in heav'n above,
Fair POESY, will still immortal prove;
And her progressive race, from time to time,
Be found in ev'ry age, in ev'ry clime;
The glowing bosoms of untutor'd men,
Bold images produc'd, which serv'd again,
Moulded to harmony by slow degrees,
The times more modern, and refin'd, to please.

AIKIN! thy works new images afford,
And still with noblest sentiments are stor'd;
Correctest taste and judgment they display,
Whilst other reason shines with steady ray.
Whilst strength of thought, with delicacy join'd,
Give surest proofs of an enlighten'd mind;
The soul of Poetry inspires each page,
To charm the present, and the coming age.

Proceed as you began, accomplish'd Bard!
And deathless Fame shall be thy bright reward.
For me — who scarcely venture to aspire,
To catch a spark of thy celestial fire,
Entitled to no praise from works of mine,
I grasp at Fame, by celebrating thine.