Dr. William Perfect

Ophelia, "Tributary to William Perfect, of West-Malling, in Kent, who cured the Authoress of melancholy Madness" The Star (30 December 1791).

Accept, dear PERFECT! all the artless praise
That in a grateful bosom warmly glows:
A mere encomium could my wishes raise,
To distant times my thanks I would disclose!

When late my senses all were steep'd in woe,
And Reason rul'd no longer o'er my mind,
When not one ray of joy my heart could know,
To thy humanity I was consign'd!

Soon, by thy aid, to light and reason rear'd,
Each darken'd sense to thought return'd again:
Then ev'ry feeling rose sublimely cheer'd,
And joy led captive every mental pain!

Oh! Art celestial! all to thee I owe—
Restor'd by Providence, how much I feel,
When scenes around me recent charms bestow,
In long lost blessings every joy reveal!

What transport — that my reason now can trace
Each means of comfort that the world affords—
To find enjoyment in each fond embrace,
Whilst truth with renovated sense accords!

By thy superior skill, to be restor'd
To husband, relatives, and children dear!
Then, PERFECT, thou shalt ever be ador'd,
Whilst I remain a mortal tenant here!
New Bond-street.