Elizabeth Sheridan

William Linley, "Lines for a Tablet to be placed in the Cathedral Church, at Wells, in memory of T. Lindley, Esq. and his two Daughters" General Evening Post (4 October 1796).

In this blest Pile, amid whose favouring gloom
Fancy still loves to guard he Votary's tomb,
Shall I withhold what all the Virtues claim,
The sacred tribute to a Father's name?—
And yet, bless'd Saint! the skill alone was thine
To breathe with truth the tributary line;
The mem'ry of departed worth to save,
And snatch the fading laurel from the grave!
And oh! my Sisters, peaceful be your rest,
Once more reposing on a Father's breast;
You, whom he lov'd, whose notes so soft, so clear,
Would sometimes wildly float upon his ear,
As the soft lyre he touch'd with mournful grace,
And recollection's tear bedew'd his face.—
Yes, most belov'd! if every grateful care
To sooth his hours, his ev'ry wish to share;
If the fond Mother, and the tender Wife,
Could add fresh comfort to his eve of life;
If youth, if beauty, eloquence, could charm,
Genius delight him, or affection warm;
Yours was the pleasing talk from day to day,
While Heav'n approv'd, and Virtue led the way!
W. L.