George Colman

L., "To George Colman, Esq. on his late Legacy" St. James's Chronicle (31 October 1767).

Nine Hundred Pounds did Bath bequest!
Four Hundred at the Gen'ral's Death!
A pretty Sum I trow!
And yearly too? my swelling Heart
Envies your Fortune, and your Art,
And hates the Truth to know.

My Hate is steady, strong, sincere;
And that it's just, I'll make appear;
You shan't condemn my Plan:
When the two Pulteney's can combine,
And both to raise the Fortune join,
Merit must mark that Man.

Had you but stray'd with all your Wit,
Your Genius, Spirit, Judgement fit,
All this I well could bear;
But impudently thus to thrive,
('Twould vex the tamest Soul alive)
By Men we all revere.

Can I with any Patience see,
That Merit I can't find in me,
So happily succeed?
A Patent too? — I'll ne'er forgive,
For to the latest Hour I live,
My envious Heart will bleed.