Thomas James Mathias

Anonymous, "The Pursuits of Literature. To whom it may concern" The True Briton (13 April 1798).

To tremble to avow a name
Which to the purpose seems so pat,
Yet th' imputation not disclaim,
Betrays the shuffling Jesuit MAT!

In MACBETH'S speech, that dame of slaughter,
We find th' allusion to the Cat;
Who liked the fish, but fear'd the water;
The Puss resembles Jesuit MAT!

The Lies that bear him company,
The Wit so oft extremely flat,
False Learning's bloated Tympany,
All prove against the Jesuit MAT!

His spleenful, peevish, busy zeal,
Is like the buzzing of a Gnat;
Religion with a gory steel,
Proclaims the gloomy minded MAT!

Beneath the cautious veil of night
Comes forth the shard-born musky Bat;
So veil'd, steps forth, that Imp of Spite,
The sneaking, circumspective MAT!

Say, 'mid the Fiends must we enrol
This thing of literary chat!
Say, can this under working mole,
Be the soft manner'd Jesuit MAT!

Still to your face so very civil,
His arm descending with his hat;
"Oh, oh," exclaims aloud the devil,
"'Tis sure my little Jesuit MAT!"