John Williams

Anonymous, "Anthony Pasquin" The True Briton (2 August 1799).

This man appears to be as much distinguished in America for his agreeable appearance and conciliatory manners, as he was in London. It may be gratifying to some of the numberless people whom he was in the practice in this Country of libelling, or of turning to his own advantage, to see in what manner he is spoken of in the United States. We need hardly inform our readers that the following Extract is from PETER PORCUPINE [William Cobbett]:

"Effectual Preventative against the Yellow Fever. — The People of New-York seem to be much alarmed at the thought of a return of this dreadful scourge of their City. 'Doctor' Mitchell tell us that all Americans are 'fond of their own stink,' and, therefore, I shall not advise them to remove that. But, I humbly presume, the same objection will not apply to the removal of foreign stink; and here, the Reader will at once perceive, I allude to that nasty creature, Anthony Pasquin, the fumes emitted from whose hide, are, by all accounts, infinitely more deleterious than those of putrid coffee. To prevent the shocking effects that may flow from this source, I would respectfully recommend that sovereign remedy — WASHING. I would not, indeed, advise them to bring the water to Anthony, but to carry Anthony to water. I would fasten a rope round him, and have him dragged, ten times a day, from the City to Paulus Hook and back again; and, lest the rope should slip off, and the poor fellow should be drowned in this necessary operation, I would have it fastened, with a slip knot, round his neck."