Rev. Jonathan Swift

Patrick Delany, "Verses left with a Silver Standish on the Dean of St. Patrick's Desk, on his Birth-Day" Weekly Miscellany (20 January 1733).

Hither from Mexico I came,
To serve a proud Iernian Dame:
Was long submitted to her Will,
At length she lost me at Quadrille.
Thro' various Shapes I often pass'd,
Still hoping to have Rest at last;
And still ambitious to obtain
Admittance to the Patriot Dean:
And sometimes got within his Door,
But still turn'd out to serve the Poor:*
Not stroling Idleness to aid,
But honest Industry decay'd.
At length an Artist purchas'd me,
And brought me to the Shape you see.
This done, to Hermes I apply'd;
Oh Hermes, gratify my Pride:
Be it my Fate to serve a Sage,
The greatest Genius of his Age:
That matchless Pen let me supply,
Whose living Lines will never die.
I grant your Suit, this God reply'd,
And here he left me to reside.

* Alluding to 500 a Year lent by the Dean, without Interest, to poor Tradesmen.