Robert Merry

Della Crusca, "Indifference. Inscribed to the luxurious Nymph of Fancy, Lydia, Laetitia, Laura, Larinetta, Lovesong" Tomahawk! or Censor General (23 January 1796).

Omnipotent! tell where you gather
INDIFFERENCE, to passion blind;
Is it blossom of the weather?
Is it essence of the wind?

Rides it on the streaming beam
Of the sportive, wanton sun?
Trips it with night's yellow gleam,
Offspring, say, of jest and pun?

In murky dell, on care-trod heath,
Haply it thrives in lone abode;
Or the glassy wave beneath,
Raptures some wave-ruffling god.

Must I search the parched zone,
'Long the downy Alps now range;
Brave Aetna's brandy-flaming throne,
Or midst wither'd Delvers range?

Hangs it on the mountain's side,
Cuddles in the wanton's spell?
Does the light'ning forge provide,
Where gods that's monocular dwell?

Perchance the jelly of a star,
Averting heaven, smites the earth,
The flaming vapour from afar,
Of warm bright meteor gave it birth.

Sublime of heart! O tell me all!
Who, where, and how the charm you met;
Thy BARD he droops, he dies, ah! shall
The SUN of POETRY be set?