Rev. Joseph Warton

W. P., "To the Rev. Dr. J. W. on his Verses to W. S. Esq." Whitehall Evening Post (1 April 1794).

Shall Fancy's Bard of Age complain?
Oh, strike the sacred Lyre again!
For some there are whose powers sublime
Defy the envious rage of Time,
And burst his slender cord, that binds
In narrower bounds inferior minds!

With youth renew'd a hundred years
The dauntless Eagle perserveres,
Aims at the Sun his daring flight,
And drinks untir'd the living light.
Thus Genius glows without decay,
And basks in Beauty's heavenly ray.

While BARBARA claims the votive strain,
Strike then, Oh strike the Lyre again!
As Teian Dames to her must yield,
For thee Anacreon quits the field;
Thus shall Britannia's fame increase—
In Wit and Beauty rival Greece!

Strike, strike again the sacred Lyre,
Lo S— joins th' applauding Choir;
Whose Dross contains a richer store
Than half the world's best polish'd ore:
My feebler Muse her wing shall fold,
For ye are young, but I am old.