Dr. William Perfect

Cynthius, "Stanzas of Gratitude, addressed to Dr. William Perfect, of West Malling; who restored the Author from the most wild and frantic Madness" Gentleman's Magazine 58 (October 1788) 916.

O PERFECT, with power divine
You all my wreck'd senses repair'd!
Such bays for thy brows let me twine,
As truth and respect have prepar'd.

My feelings and reason, when tost
In the ocean of rage, your kind care
Prevented my bark being lost,
And dash'd on the rocks of despair.

My ideas derang'd and misled,
Hygeia you led by the hand,
Her poppies around me she shed,
And bade my lost reason expand.

Thus charm'd my lost senses return'd
To their seats once again in array;
From darkness the change I discern'd,
With intellect bright as the day.

Now blithely o'er nature I roam,
As the lark at the dawn I am gay;
And rest myself happy at home,
Delighted this tribute to pay.