Dr. David Macbeth Moir

Anonymous, in Review of Moir, Genevieve, with other Tales and Poems; The Literary Gazette (1 January 1825) 2.

In his minor compositions, Delta frequently shines with a tender and pleasing light; and he is therefore an eligible contributor to a periodical miscellany. But when he comes to extend his powers over several hundred pages, it does not appear to us that there is enough of genius to keep alive interest and sustain admiration. A taste for the writings of Byron, Scott, Wordsworth, and other popular authors, and a disposition to cherish the feelings which they excite, seem to be the sources of Delta's inspiration. A desire to be among the sons of song, rather than a natural and inborn passion, has led him to cultivate his Muse; and the result is, as we have observed, a certain degree of skill and beauty which is calculated to recommend him to public approbation.