Margaret Holford

Anonymous, in "The Crowning of the Living British Poetesses" The Literary Gazette (30 June 1827) 412-13.

A form, clad in robings of blood-crimsoned hue,
Fringed with martial devices, now broke on the view.
She came with another, who also wore red,
Sprigg'd with javelins and crossbows in garniture spread;
Each sembled some Amazon huntress or sporter,
But the one was Miss Holford, the other Miss Porter.
They seem'd in a talk that might apathy stir,
But "Wallace!" was all that arrived at my ear.
The Muse eyed the dames with a favouring glance,
As she mark'd them at once up the area advance:
To this, she exclaim'd, "Here's a garland for you!"
To that — "To your brow shall the laurel be due,
For even your prose is to poetry true!
But where is fair Anna Maria, your sister?
Pray, tell her, that here I have sensibly miss'd her;
And give her a share of this chaplet divine,
Which I've chosen so large with that very design."