Mary Russell Mitford

T., in "On the Female Literature of the present Age" New Monthly Magazine 13 (March 1820) 273-74.

With these great names that of Miss Mitford is worthy to be united. Her poems are replete with all the sweetest and most characteristic qualities of womanhood. A sensibility the finest and the most genuine, and a perception of beauty the most quick and refined, are manifested in all her writings. The colours of her fancy are of the most delicate hues. The gleams of her imagination constantly fall on little tendernesses and dear immunities of heart, and shed on them a sacred radiance. She is able to seize and to perpetuate those graces of nature which are in themselves the most evanescent and subtle. Her images often seem to be of the rainbow and of the golden and fleecy clouds. Her Maid of the South Seas is one of the most captivating of poetical romances.