George Dyer

A Dreamer, "To Mr. George Dyer, occasioned by reading his Visions, in Vol. II of his Poems and Essays" Gentleman's Magazine 74 (August 1804) 762.

I dreamt long since, 'twas in may youth,
Of simple faith, of artless truth,
Of friendship all sublime;
That firm in youth, and warm in age,
Should mock Adversity's worst rage,
And Jealousy, and Time.

Integrity, erect and blunt,
I dreamt, of firm, undaunted front,
Was certain to prevail;
And Justice, without hood or band,
But eye, as steady as her hand,
Still pois'd her even scale.

I dreamt that Generosity,
Ever from selfish motives free,
Her open breast display'd,
Which Gratitude, her daughter dear,
Was sure to be exceeding near,
As constant as her shade.

Of Love angelically pure,
That should the Marriage test endure,
Nor wander nor decline;
Simple my dreams, thine sage, I know,
Yet, Poet, you sill sure allow,
These are as strange as thine.