Francis Garden

H. W. Tytler, "Verses on Lord Gardenstone" 1791; Gentleman's Magazine 75 (February 1805) 159.

The late Honourable FRANCIS GARDEN, esq. LORD GARDENSTONE, whose benevolence is universally known, erected a handsome building, in imitation of an antient temple, over St. Bernard's well near Edinburgh, celebrated for its medicinal virtues; and placed within a statue of the Goddess of Health, with a snake twining round it; all executed in an elegant manner: on which the following lines were written, in the year 1791, by H. W. Tytler.

Approach with rev'rence to the sacred shrine
Of ever-fair HYGEIA, nymph divine,
Where, Aesculapius twines his folds around
The virgin, rifling o'er the hallow'd ground;
And when the beauteous maid her succour brings,
When you draw vigour from her crystal springs,
Think of the friendly heart, the bounteous hand,
That still diffuses good around the land.
Immortal GARDEN, thy illustrious name
Shall shine for ever in the rolls of Fame;
And, ages hence, when we must be no more,
The sick, the lame, the friendless, and the poor,
Will at ST. BERNARD'S fountain soothe their woes,
And bless the man, by whom this temple rose!