Sir Walter Raleigh

Edmund Spenser, in Colin Clout's Come Home Again (1595); Works, ed. Hughes (1715) 4:1123-24.

One day (quoth he) I sate (as was my Trade)
Under the foot of Mole, that Mountain hore,
Keeping my Sheep amongst the cooly Shade,
Of the green Alders by the Mulla's Shore;
There a strange Shepherd chaunc'd to find me out,
Whether allured with my Pipe's Delight,
Whose pleasing Sound yshrilled far about,
Or thither led by chance, I know not right:
Whom when I asked from what Place he came,
And how he hight; himself he did ycleep
The Shepherd of the Ocean by Name,
And said he came far from the Main-Sea deep.
He sitting me beside in that same Shade,
Provoked me to play some pleasant Fit;
And when he heard the Musick which I made,
He found himself full greatly pleas'd at it:
Yet, aemuling my Pipe, he took in hond
My Pipe, before that aemuled of many,
And plaid thereon (for well that Skill he cond)
Himself as skilful in that Art as any.
He pip'd, I sung; and when he sung, I piped;
By change of Turns, each making other merry;
Neither envying other, nor envied,
So piped we, until we both were weary.