Jane West

Sarah S. Pugh, "To Mrs. West, on receiving a Copy of her New Work, The Loyalists" Gentleman's Magazine 82 (June 1812) 566.

This flattering gift from Virtue's hand,
With joy and pride I greet:
The Loyalists in Britain's land
Must find a safe retreat.

Yes! tho' deluded men may rise,
And factions men betray;
Still there remain the good and wise,
To prove their Country's stay.

And in St. Stephen's — blood-stain'd spot—
Her senators once more
Meet, and, all party feuds forgot,
Virtue and Worth deplore.

"In learning as in arms renown'd,"
Britannia stands alone;
And boasts, by fav'ring mercy crown'd,
Her Altar and her Throne.

And though our dark'ning clouds may shade
Religion's glorious light;
Her radiant beams shall yet pervade
The Heathen's gloomy night.

May'st thou, in Christian armour bold,
Pursue thy great, thy noble aim,—
To guide the young, inspire the cold,
Thy bright touch fir'd by Virtue's flame.

Thy Works, on sure foundations laid,
Their gold refin'd, their silver pure,
Shall stand, all earthly things decay'd;
And the last day's dread fires endure.
A. H.