Rev. Isaac Watts

Susanna Highmore, "Character of Rev. Dr. Watts" 1748; Gentleman's Magazine 86 (January 1816) 11.

Yesterday died, sunk under bodily infirmities, and the weight of years, the ingenious and truly venerable Isaac Watts, D.D. a man of exalted piety, and of the most amiable and exemplary virtues. In intellectual endowments, he was surpassed by few; in moral ones, by none: so that 'tis hard to say whether his capacity for doing good, or his delight in it, was greater. His sentiments as a Divine were so moderate and pacific, as to forbid his being a favourite with warm men of any party; his excellencies, so various and eminent, as to gain him the esteem of the best men of all parties. He was made happy for many years, and even to the end of his life, by the generous and honourable entertainment afforded him in Lady Abney's family at stoke Newington, where an affluence of wealth is chiefly distinguished by acts of the most wise and disinterested beneficence.