Gen. Richard Fitzpatrick

A. N., "Fitzpatrick's Epitaph" Gentleman's Magazine 86 (February 1816) 99.

on the Tomb of Gen. R. FITZPATRICK,
in the Church-yard at Sunning-
hill, Berks.
Written by himself.

The Right Honourable
Second Son of John, Earl of Upper Ossory,
and Evelyn Leveson Gower, his wife,
General of his Majesty's Forces,
Colonel of the 47th Regiment of Foot,
Privy Counsellor in both Kingdoms,
and, at different times, Member of Par-
liament for the Borough of Tavistock,
and the County of Bedford.
He twice held the important office of
Secretary of War,
and once that of Secretary to the
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland;
and was, during
forty years, the intimate Friend
of Mr. Fox.
He was an inhabitant and Proprietor
in this Parish.
Born the 30th Jan. 1749,
died 25th April 1813.

Whose turn is next? this monitory Stone
Replies, vain Passenger, perhaps thy own.
If, idly curious, thou wilt seek the dust below,
Enough to tell thee, that his destin'd span
On Earth he dwelt, — and, like thyself, a Man.
Nor distant far th' inevitable day
When thou, poor mortal, shalt like him be clay.
Through life, he walk'd unemulous of fame,
Nor wish'd beyond it to preserve a name.
Content, if Friendship, o'er his humble bier,
Drop but the heart-felt tribute of a tear;
Though countless ages should unconscious glide,
Nor learn that ever he had liv'd or died.
R. F.

Such, Mr. Urban, is the Epitaph and Inscription placed on a stone sarcophagus in the usual form, in the Church-yard at Sunning-hill, close to the house where Gen. Fitzpatrick's friend G. Ellis, esq. lately lived and died; and still inhabited by Mrs. Ellis.

A. N.

Jan. 29.