Bp. Lewis Bagot

Academicus, "Bp. Bagot and Dean Jackson at Christ Church" Gentleman's Magazine 89 (December 1819) 436.

Dec. 8


Permit me to advert to your last Obituary, p. 459; where that admirable man, whom I always reverenced, Dean Jackson, has greater credit given him for reducing Christ Church under salutary discipline, than he merited. Dr. Bagot, Dean in my time, and just raised to the Episcopacy when I was leaving college, was himself an excellent disciplinarian. Collections at the end of every Term, when we were all most strictly examined, precisely as your Correspondent describes, existed before I became a member of Christ Church, and I believe long before; — and the regular themes and declamations every Saturday, and the prize exercises, — and the public and private lectures, in Mathematicks, Logick, Rhetorick, and Poeticks, &c. &c. all existed long before Jackson! To Dean Baget (whom our King thanked more than once for his exemplary conduct as head of a College) all the rules and regulations, ascribed to Jackson, are attributable. — Yet Jackson (then Canon of Christ Church), having the way paved before him, entered on that road, and pursued his route "con amore." Little inferior to his predecessor, they were both estimable characters; — Begot the most amiabIe. Bagot was noble in family, and noble in deportment; generous, affable, and courteous; and in the true sense of the word, a Christian. I could tell many anecdotes of Bagot, with eyes over flowing with tears! But time presses, and I must drop my pen.—

Apropos, however, when Jackson retired from the world, some beautiful lines (Latin) were in circulation among his friends, which he had written some years before, in prospect of such a seclusion. I recollect one or two only, and should be much obliged to any one in possession of them, for the communication of them to you, as they would embellish your pages.

Yours, &c.