William Sotheby

John Taylor Esq., "On the Meeting of Hector and Andromache, by William Sotheby, Esq." Gentleman's Magazine 100 (June 1830) 547.

Impell'd by Emulation's noble zeal,
The Muse of SOTHEBY to fame aspires,
The charms of MARO she has made us feel,
And now she soars to HOMER'S lofty fires.

POPE, says the satirist, employ'd a BROOM,
To sweep his passage o'er the Grecian way,
But SOTHEBY, to find the Poet's home,
Requires no guide, and need not fear to stray.

POPE gave with beauty the Maeonian page,
More musical than strong his flowing lines,
While SOTHEBY has caught th' heroic rage,
And both with sweetness and with vigour shines.

Then, SOTHEBY, with untir'd strength proceed,
Since Nature gave to thee a Poet's soul,
So shall with joy the sternest critic read,
And own thy pow'rs can grapple with the whole.

Ah! were our BEAUMONT yet alive to know
Thy genius thus can POPE and HOMER blend,
How would his gen'rous heart delighted glow,
To hail the Bard, the Scholar, and the Friend!