Sir James Bland Burges

Charles Caleb Colton, in Hypocrisy, a Satire (1812) 53-54 &n.

But why so zealous for great Milton's name?
Too full, without him, are the lists of fame,
So vast a space He fills, there's hardly room
For both the Bloomfields, Burges, Blackmore, Brome;
Let Milton's page be thrown neglected by,
Moderns by fifties shall his place supply;
His blazing mine they ransack, and purloin
His gold, to circulate their baser coin;
Exhausted Helicon, for Sinai's Mount
They quit; for Jordan, the Pierian fount,
Desert Hymettus' Hill, and Tempe's vale,
To breathe with Eve, fair Eden's fresher gale!
The scribbling influenza of their quill
Hath no specific, but spreads farther still;
Since those who write its remedy, are sure
To catch the foul contagion they would cure.

* Peter Pindar rallies his own foibles at times, "vineta caedit sua." Perhaps he was the Author of the following Epigram in dog Latin, and Monkish Rhime, on the four Candidates for the vacant Laureat.

Nos Poetae sumus tribus!
Peter Pindar, Pye, and Pybus;
Si ulterius ire pergis
Nobis add Sir James Bland Burges.