Capel Lofft

Charles Caleb Colton, in Hypocrisy, a Satire (1812) 88-89 & n.

Hence Capel* cries — no wonder meteors fall,
When rising bards are hid in Crispin's stall,
Now wastes his breath on verses, now on winds,
And now a Comet, now a Cobler finds!
By gas poetic, or galvanic led,
Now makes the living sleep, now wakes the dead!

* Mr. Capel Loft, the zealous admirer of indefatigable Patron of Bloomfield. This Gentleman's benevolent but unsuccessful attempt to recover an unfortunate young woman, who had been hanged at Bury, is well known. A similar experiment was performed on the body of Dr. Dodd. I have heard the late Daines Barrington affirm, that he was one of a party who had prepared a Room, with all the apparatus necessary to resuscitate Dr. Dodd. That the hangman was feed, that the Doctor's neck was not dislocated, and that he had no doubt they should have succeeded, but that the immense croud, and vast assemblage of Carriages, prevented the hearse from reaching the scene of action, until it was too late; but that even then a few faint symptoms of life were perceptible.